Backspaces: Photo Stories

Any of you who follow my blog will know i'm a huge fan of apps that work with photographers or can be used by photographers to help aid their work, many have impressed me over the past 5 years but recently one caught my eye in a different way.

Usually i'll talk about apps that function as a replacement for the default camera app, but the one i'm about to mention is more than that. I like it for their use of story telling through images.

Backspaces caught my attention in the App store due to it's minimal design, once downloaded I knew i'd be using it frequently to get my iPhoneography out their to a larger audience (more since the whole Instagram problems, which seem to have been sorted). 

After download the signup process is simple and easily understood. They also give you a little tutorial walk through and once that's complete you're good to go!

Navigation is straight forward, or should I say sideways. A simple swipe and you're presented with the navigation menu which makes available buttons to your feed, for creation, your notifications, settings and of course, your own profile.

The app will appear to be empty at first, but once you've posted your first story, followed a few people and leave a couple of comments it will all fall into place and you'll be on your way. I instantly felt that the app could be used daily!

The way text and photographs are combined makes this superb app a great tool for memory making and a good source of referencing (depending on how you'll use it)

As you can grow your followers, comment numbers etc you'll begin to feel more welcomed to the community. One of the other features is having your work being 'featured' on the main feed. One of the apps creators has recently features a few of my stories, which was fantastic to see. (see below - the star indicates a featured story)

You don't have to have the app to view people's stories, they're available through a desktop/laptop and an internet browser. Mine can be viewed here.

If you're into telling stories through photographs, a keen iPhoneographer or want to simply look at great work, I suggest you download this app and sign up! You wont regret it.

The app is available through the app store on the iPhone/iPad and is free to download!


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