Fujifilm x10: Rekindling My Love.

So i've found myself grabbing the Fujifilm x10 a lot lately. I think all the excitement of me saving up and ordering an X-Pro 1 has something to do with it.

The x10 is still a brilliant camera two years on after its release. It's one of very few compact cameras with a viewfinder that I enjoy. And for it only having 12MP, compared to my 24.5MP D3x, it still produces wonderful images. 

I personally like the two custom settings on the 'main dial' I guess you could call it. C1 and C2 has been super handy for me when i'm out shooting street. I've currently got them set to b&w + red filter and the other to standard colour with slight overexposure - this may sound like nothing of any help, but switching between these two settings is simple, responsive and a big help when shooting street, for my anyway.

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A little about the camera:

As you can see it has a fixed lens, with the option to manual zoom - which many compact cameras don't seem to offer. I personally like it. The lens is also the on/off switch, which again, is insanely helpful when shooting street; your hands are right where they need to be to get that shot.

The camera also has a sweet pop up flash, located on the left above the optical viewfinder. The flash itself is rather nice and doesn't blind your subjects. The hotshoe in the centre also allows for TTL Fuji flashes, which is brilliant. It's also giving the photographer the chance to get this camera working in the studio by hooking it up to studio lighting.

The camera design itself is brilliant. Everything is right where you need it to be. The two dials on the top right are placed perfectly for ease of access, even when looking through the viewfinder. They're not loose either, they're quite rigid, so there's no chance of accidentally knocking them out of place, resulting in a messed up shot.

The back of the camera is pretty self explanatory, it has an 

  • LCD display (which can be used as the viewfinder or purely for display when using the C1 and C2 options)
  • playback button
  • AE and AF which double up as zoom for viewing images
  • WB
  • Menu button
  • Navigation wheel - which is super helpful when needing to set up a certain scene fast - these can be locked by holding the menu button for a few seconds and doing the same to unlock.
  • Disp Back - gets rid of all the information, showing just the image. This also changes the LCD display for full screen, data, histogram etc
  • Raw - this gives you the option to switch instantly between shooting RAW or JPG - very handy!
  • It also has a horizontal menu wheel (above the AEL AFL button) - this is essentially another scroll wheel for when your Nav wheel is locked.
Overall I think the x10 is a brilliant little camera and is very capable of being the backup camera to a DSLR. I think if you're not quite ready to get a DSLR, but are wanting a camera which has the freedom and functions of one, this is the camera for you!


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